Bicyle bread bag - Reversible basket

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Bicycle model reversible basket bread bag: To respect our artisan bakers, we delay the aging of the bread in this new fabric which aspires to zero gas emissions!

We don't forget the pastries and fatty breads to keep on the coating side. Let's note the objectives of our bread bags namely the fight against food waste, the reduction of waste, manage as best as possible our consumption of breads and pastries, alone or with family.


The Reversible Bread Bag Basket version is a 100% cotton food bag.

To place slices of bread and on the outside in coated cotton, to place pastries with or without absorbent paper.

The Basket version Bread Bag is suitable for the dining room table, while being more malleable than a rigid basket since once the bread and pastries have been tasted, all you have to do is remove the crumbs and fold your Bread Bag to store it in a drawer.

Note that the Bread Bag version also delays the aging of bread in order to combat food waste.

French and artisanal manufacturing by Sacasalades by Arminé.

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