Bread bag - Reversible basket - Grey Anthracite

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Chic and refinement, the Spinner Model Bread Bag celebrates the work and passion of our craftsmen;

The Reversible Bread Bag version Of Grey Anthracite Grey is a 100% cotton food bag to place bread slices and on the outside in coated cotton to place the pastries on the paper towel.


- The Corbeille-style Bread Bag is available on the dining room table, while being more malleable than a rigid basket since once the breads and pastries are tasted, just remove the crumbs and fold your Bread Bag to store it in a drawer.

- This Bread Bag is made of a 100% cotton-resistant canvas inside and a cotton coated outside so that the loaves remain sheltered from the air, from the light.

- The Bag bag trash version of the brand Sacasalades delays the aging of breads in a natural way in order to fight against food waste.

- With the help of a small tab, you can hang your Bag to Bread Trash version after you have cleared the dining table or to free your worktop.

- French and artisanal manufacturing.

- The dimensions of The Bag to Breads trash version are about 38cm wide / 24cm height, as it is a handcrafted product.

- Washing by hand with a Marseille soap or machine at 30 degrees without wringing, separating the 2 envelopes before washing and letting it always dry, the 2 envelopes separately!

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