Cloth food bag with 2 envelopes; an inner 100% cotton envelope called stamen (cousin of the old butter cloth) - outer envelope also 100% cotton - a coating without Bisphenol.

Sacasalades allows the natural preservation of raw vegetables (salads, vegetables, aromatic herbs, fruits) but also hard-pat cheeses and dry hams.

The Sacasalades aims to:

  • Directly combat food waste
  • Drastically reduce food waste;
  • stop the use of plastic.

Sacasalades avoids throwing away 400 euros of food per year for a family of four (Insee figure 2011). Thus, with 3 Sacasalades either 3x27 or 81, you save 1200 euros of unseeded food because the Sacasalades is washable and usable as desired.



The Sacasalades team has completely redesigned the apron for comfort and simplicity suitable for all sizes.

The Sacasalades apron is coated cotton so as not to get wet, not to get dirty knowing that 90% of the aprons on the market are made of cotton.

The adjustment of our aprons is done by its sliding cord and not via a notch, with a closure on the front thanks to the 3.5 meters in length.

Sold with its 100% cotton towel, it is also handcrafted in France.



No towel

In coated cotton

One size, 2m50 cord

Drawstring to adjust the height of the apron

Closure on the front to hang the towel

Lower right side pocket

Machine washable at 30° without spinning

Artisanal and French manufacturing


After the "horsegate" crisis of frozen lasagna with horsemeat rather than beef, more and more households are turning to home-cooked dishes and not industrial ready meals. This avoids preservatives, dyes, by buying fresh, seasonal products to find out what you eat.

The cotton reversible dish bag, coated on the one hand for cold dishes/desserts/starters, and on the other hand cotton for hot dishes, allows the transport of home-cooked dishes for dinner with friends or picnics outside.

Washable and reusable at will.


The Corbeille version reversible bread bag is a 100% cotton food bag to place bread slices and on the outside in coated cotton to place pastries with or without paper towels. The Corbeille-version Of Bread Bag is available on the dining room table, while being more malleable than a rigid basket, since once the breads and pastries are tasted, just remove the crumbs and fold your Bread Bag to store it in a drawer. Note that the Bag dying bag version Trash also delays the aging of breads in order to fight against food waste.


The Bread Bag transport version is a long food bag for baguette-type breads, tradition... This bread bag is made of a 100% cotton-resistant canvas inside and a cotton coated outside so that the loaves remain sheltered from air, light and rain. In this Bread Bag it is possible to insert several loaves of bread, in order to transport them without putting flour on the clothes or crumbs in the car. Sacasalades Bread Bags can delay the ageing of breads in a natural way in order to combat food waste. French and artisanal manufacturing


A 100% cotton bulk bag that is washable and reusable as desired, to avoid disposable plastic bags which pollute our Earth + photo - add the description and photo of the masks: Mask in double envelope, 100% cotton on the face side and 100 % cotton double coated on the outside. This mask is not a medical device but it is complementary protection to social distancing as well as barrier gestures. No approval, but the double coating optimizes protection against spittle. Washable and reusable by hand or in the machine at 30° without spinning. Do not tumble dry. After drying, spray 90° alcohol on the inside to disinfect and allow to evaporate before use. the elastics are adjustable to adapt to the shape of your face. You can tighten or loosen the knot before first use and then slide it inside the elastic channel to hide the knot. Available in size GM (Large Model) and M (Medium)


Cotton and Coated Cotton Masks - Non-medical - Without Approval -

Our masks include 2 envelopes to best protect against spit. The cotton side is to be worn towards the mouth and the coated cotton facing outwards, with the label on the outer left side. The mask is washable and reusable in order to limit the catastrophic impact of disposable products that pollute our planet. Hand wash or machine wash at 30° without spinning so as not to break the coating; at 60° washing, your mask will last less. After washing and drying (NO Tumble Dryer), you can iron your mask only on the cotton side. We also recommend spraying 90° alcohol on the cotton lining on the face side in order to disinfect this envelope in permanent contact with your mouth. Note that we have no certification or approval but at least you have double-enveloped protection, double-coated in almost waterproof acrylic.

Attention :

-our masks are not suitable for children

-do not wear a mask during physical or sporting activity.

In addition, the elastics are adjustable to adapt to the shape of your face. You tighten or loosen the knot before the first use then slide it inside the elastic corridor.


This is forearm protection, in coated cotton, for your cooking, gardening, DIY, painting, etc. activities.Adjustable thanks to its fabric Velcro at the top and its elastic at the wrist, the Sleeve is unisex and one size.
Like all of our products, the sleeves are washable and reusable as desired.
French and artisanal manufacturing, of course!


What's more practical than the Sacasalades By Arminé Pouches for neatly storing your different cotton bags or your reusable plastic bags.

In coated cotton, with elastic at the top and bottom, a tab completes the Pochon to be hung in your kitchen or taken in your car (bike, handbag, etc.) and thus accompany you during your shopping at the market or in the bulk stores.

Needless to say, it is a French and artisanal creation, which is washable and usable as desired!

Cap Couv - Sac à salades


The CAP-COUV (hood with lid) is used to maintain heat and water vapor inside your cooking utensil by making the lid almost airtight. According to laboratory tests carried out, the CAP-COUV reduces the electrical energy required for cooking your pasta, rice and vegetables by 40 to 50%. CAP-COUV also serves as a charlotte to cover your dishes and ban plastic.