Bread bag - Transport - Glaciated Cherry

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Yes, our team has decided to offer this model in both the Transport version and the Reversible Basket version. Thank you to our Bloggers and trend creators!


-This Bread Bag is made of a resistant 100% cotton canvas on the inside and a coated cotton on the outside so that the breads remain protected from air, light and rain.

-In this Bread Bag it is possible to insert several loaves, in order to transport them without getting flour on your clothes or crumbs in the car.

-Bread Bags from the Sacasalades brand allow you to delay the aging of bread in a natural way in order to fight against food waste.

-French and artisanal manufacturing.

-The dimensions of the Transport version Bread Bag are approximately 24cm width / 63cm height, because it is an artisanal product.

-Hand wash with Marseille soap or machine wash at 30° without spinning, separating the 2 envelopes before washing and always letting the 2 envelopes dry separately!

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