Bread bag - Viennese confectionery version of The Harlequins Curry

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Ah spices... essential elements of the kitchen to give flavor and colors. This Bread Bag Version Trash model Harlequin Curry will delay like other models, aging your breads and pastries. Reduce your waste.

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- The Corbeille-style Bread Bag is available on the dining room table, while being more malleable than a rigid basket since once the breads and pastries are tasted, just remove the crumbs and fold your Bread Bag to store it in a drawer.

- This Bread Bag is made of a 100% cotton fabric resistant to the inside (grey or mustard color) and a cotton coated on the outside so that the loaves remain sheltered from the air, from the light.

- The Bag bag trash version of the brand Sacasalades delays the aging of breads in a natural way in order to fight against food waste.

- With the help of a small tab, you can hang your Bag to Bread Trash version after you have cleared the dining table or to free your worktop.

- French and artisanal manufacturing.

- The dimensions of The Bag to Breads trash version are about 38cm wide / 24cm height, as it is a handcrafted product.

- Washing by hand with a Marseille soap or machine at 30 degrees without wringing, separating the 2 envelopes before washing and letting it always dry, the 2 envelopes separately!


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