Ceramic Flat Bag

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Blue:Concerto in Blue Roy or Blue Jean for some, it's all about taste! Tradition and modernity.

Blue/Rose: The solidity of ceramics with a touch of femininity.

Fuchsia: We couldn't create a more Girly FlatBag model!

Green/Coral: The freshness and an energizing touch of ginger or tangy mango. This would be the ideal model for "light" dishes.

  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Blue/pink
  • green/coral

The Sacasalades dish bag is reversible:

  • cotton coated (easy to clean) side for transporting cold dishes.
  • cotton side for transporting hot dishes covered with aluminum film.

The Sacasalades dish bag is handcrafted and French.


  • PM(Petit Modèle) about 33/36 cm
  • GM(Grand Modèle) about 36/38 cm

As an indication:

Round moulds for pies:

  • 22cm: 4/6 shares
  • 24/26 cm: 6/8 parts
  • 28 cm: 8/10 parts
  • 30cm: 10/12 shares

Square mussels:

  • 10/10cm: 6/8 shares
  • 18/18 cm: 10/12 parts

Cake moulds:

  • 10 cm length: 6/8 parts
  • 24 cm length: 10/12 parts
  • 26 cm length: 15 parts

For salads, herbs, leafy vegetables, fruit, hard cheeses and dry hams, read our Sacasalades instructions


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