Salad Bag - Little Pepper

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Some people think that chillies are reserved only for Basques but this model of Sacasalades is sold absolutely everywhere, from Marseille to Lille, not to mention Brussels, or Milan! Insert your raw vegetables, salads, herbs, hard cheeses, dry hams into the Sacasalades and don't throw anything away.


Our products are artisanal. The dimensions given are indicative.
GM size (37cm width - 30cm height)
PM size (30cm width - 21cm height)

Hand-washing with a neutral soap type Marseille soap or machine at 30 degrees without spin!

-Remove the inner shell of Sacasalades to wash and let the 2 envelopes dry separately.

-Soak white cotton in diluted sodium percarbonate in hot water to remove chlorophyll stains and blanch it before washing.

For salads, herbs, leafy vegetables, fruit, hard cheeses and dry hams, read our Sacasalades instructions

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